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evanesco_rp's Journal

Evanesco: A Harry Potter RPG
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Welcome to Evanesco: A Harry Potter RPG!

Official Date Of Opening: August 18th
Please get your applications in and your livejournal users made!

It has been two years after the Gryffindor trio graduated from Hogwarts; they are now young adults and are fighting for a way to survive. The war between the light and dark is still happening, and Voldemort is gathering more and more followers. The Order is slowly getting weaker and is losing members to the dark side. Who will win in this battle? What will become of the friendships?

Tom Riddle has been reborn and is lost and confused in the wizarding world, who will find him first? The Order? Or Voldemort? And which side will he choose to fight on? Can Tom find love in different places, what will he become? The young one is undecided of which side of the war he is on; he hasn’t even gotten a clue that there is a war going on. Voldemort has no information about his reborn body and is still trying to fight against Dumbledore and the Order. Tom Riddle and Voldemort are two completely different people.

Everyone is constantly trying to find peace, love and caring within anyone grasp, and cheating is going on in relationships, isolation is being made. Love is hard to grab on to these days with the war so much in their hands.

"Couples" that are automatic.
Remember the storyline, betrayal is a good word to use here.

Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson
Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy
Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood


1. To join, you must fill out the application and send it to this email. Evanesco_rp@hotmail.com
2. When you are accepted, please let the moderators know your lj username.
3. Once we get the original cast set, I will allow more OC characters to apply to join.
4. I will judge your writing by the writing sample you send, I mainly want para rp'ers and I will turn down one liners and very short posts, your grammar will also be judged as well.
5. Do not make your character too OOC, you will be asked once to change the attitude, if it shall continue, you will be banned.
6. Respect the other players and do not get into fights unless it is for the roleplay.
7. Your journals will be the bases for the beginning of each scene. Posts should be written in first person, as well as the comments.
8. Please do not fill out the 'what you're listening to' and the 'mood' when you are doing an entry in your journals.
9. Write owl posts in an lj-cut in your journals.
10. Please try and stay as active as you can.
11. All out of character comments should be made in the 'Evanesco_rp' community, along with away announcements and news. All scenes are done in your journals.
12. Slash is allowed, but please, discuss it with the mods first.
13. Please, if you need to leave the game, tell one of the mods so that we can put your character up for adoption.
14. HAVE FUN !


Your Name:
Your AIM:
Your Yahoo:
Your Email:
The Character you are applying for/creating:
What you know about your character/made up:
Writing Sample in Scene Form: (up to 150 words in 1st person)

Taken/Available Characters

Our Website is:

Please just give links to this site to promote, along with our site banner! =D

Your Mod,
Kay -- x_mione_granger

Kelsey -- blaisez_

{This community was made, July 6th 2005}